Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! 

Here we are almost 3 months since we started the West Family Music YouTube Channel! The past few months have been a real learning curve for us. I think Angie and the girls have been the most hard working women I know.  Not only recording and editing the videos, but also learning music, and playing and singing as well. Who knew the struggles with lighting, sound, backdrops, shadows, and background noises.  After spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos, Angie became our "video editor", another title to…

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NEWS! Changes to the West Family Life 

Since it has been some time since my last post, it's high time to bring everyone up to date as to what we've been up to.  2020 has been, to say the least, interesting for us! 

January and February were relatively "normal".  We were fairly busy with our usual gigs at Seniors' facilities, as well as a couple church functions and worship services.  Then, in March, the Covid 19 pandemic hit, forcing pretty much all of our music business to come to a crashing halt. 

The week of Monday March 9th is when it all…

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Merry Christmas  

Well, it's been quite a while since I updated the old blog...

2018 has sped by quite quickly, filled with a lot of music and traveling.  Close to 200 gigs done this year, plus playing with a couple bands, Carolyn Harley & the Davidsons, Pay Dirt, and the Spitzee Post Band.  Add to that playing with our church's orchestra, singing with the choir and playing with worship teams at our church.  Add a couple weddings and a funeral or two and a few teaching opportunities and it fills up the year pretty good.

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The Wests Travelled West 

We just got back from our trip to Kelowna, BC and what a great time we had.  The drive out there wasn't as spectacular as we would've preferred, with rain, snow and fog, but we did get there safely on Thursday night.  Friday night was the House Concert hosted by my best friend and his wife.  We had a good sized crowd, a lot of who I knew when I was a kid, back when I was just starting to play the violin.  I had a great time catching up with old friends.  Saturday afternoon we played for another gathering…Read more

Hymn CD Samples 

Hi there,

We have finally included a couple of selections from our newest CD, Hymns to the Glory of God, on our Site Player, so now you should be able to hear it while you meander around the site...  Enjoy!!  Don't forget we can take CD orders and mail them to you.  CDs make an excellent gift whether for Christmas or any other time of year.  Please click on the Contact Me tab and send me an email with your order...


Craig & Angie West

On the News... 


We've put the News videos on the website under the newly named title, Media...  It's been a whirlwind of a week this week, so many new experiences!!  We are completely overwhelmed by the views and comments and sharing on social media.  Thank you for all the support!!

Craig West

The latest... 

This past Sunday, October 2, Angie and I were given an opportunity to hold a concert at the Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary.  We had a great time playing for a great crowd!!  Thank you to all who came out to support us, we really appreciate it.

Then, this morning, I had an opportunity to be on the news.  CNIB asked me if it'd be okay to have Global TV Calgary to get in touch with me.  I said that would be great.  So this morning I met with Gil Tucker and Danny (the camera guy) and played my fiddle for…Read more

We're gearing up... 

Hi there,

We are gearing up for another busy season.  Angie, my faithful accompanist, chauffeur, bookkeeper, etc... broke her foot at the beginning of March.  So as soon as we were given the green light, we got "back in the saddle" again, doing what we 

We have a couple road trips planned entertaining at seniors' facilities.  One in Pincher Creek, a couple in the Red Deer/Innisfail area.  We always enjoy the road trips as a family as we can enjoy a "vacation" while also making a living.  It's a…Read more

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 

Well, the end of another year is upon us and I can't believe how fast it went.  Thank you all so much for your support of my music and for your encouragement with my newest CD, Hymns to the Glory of God.  We never expected to have a CD released this year and now, here we are!  We look forward to 2016 and direction the Lord will carry us through!!  We look forward to possibly crossing paths with you in this next year.

Thank you again, and have a blessed Christmas!!


Craig & Angie West

It's Here!!! 

Hi Everybody!!

Well, it's been a long, busy couple of months, but it's finally here...the CD that is!!!  We're in the process of planning a couple CD Release Concert/Parties.  We'll keep you posted when those are, if you'd like to attend!!  The price of the CD will be $20.

Thank you,

Craig & Angie West