About Us

I was born in Red Deer, and was raised southwest of Sylvan Lake. Even though I am totally blind from birth, with the help of my parents, I was always given many opportunities to learn and play music. At 11 years old, I began studying the violin, first taking lessons in Red Deer. My oldest sister played the violin when she began school, and it was her playing, to a large extent, which inspired me to play the violin.

When I was in high school, I went to Edmonton and Calgary for lessons once a week. I completed my Diploma in Music Performance from Mount Royal College (now called Mount Royal University) in 1995, and went on to complete my Bachelor of Arts at University of Calgary in 1999. I also had the privilege of studying at the Banff Center of Fine Arts in the summers of 1995 and 96.

Though I am classically trained, I have branched out into a number of musical genres, including Celtic, traditional old time fiddling, Bluegrass, and Gospel. In 2000, I released my first fiddle CD, called West Country Fiddle. In 2001, I released a classical CD, with piano accompaniment, called Spring. In 2002, I released my second fiddle CD, called Bluejeans and Gingham. Music is my living, so I play at nursing homes, seniors’ lodges, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and many other functions in and around Calgary.

My wife Angie and I were married in 2002. And in 2009, our twin daughters were born. Angie plays the piano and together we play at the seniors' homes among other events.  Our daughters now join us at the seniors' homes with their dancing and singing.  

Over the past few years, I've started playing with a few local bands.  I'm always looking for opportunities to play and musicians to jam with...

Anyway, that's my story.  I look forward to hearing from you and hope you can come out and hear me play sometime.  I'll try to keep you posted on this site or in Social Media.

Craig West


I was born in a small town in SW Manitoba, Reston, MB, and did most of my growing up in that area.  I was interested in the piano from a very young age.  I started piano lessons at the age of 7.  My goal was to play piano in church.  When I was in grade 3 (I think) I played my first piece during the Offertory.  In Grade 6 I started playing in church accompanying the congregational singing.   I really began to enjoy playing the piano in grade 9, when I began accompanying elementary school choirs during my breaks/spare classes at school.  

Throughout my life, Southern Gospel music has been a big inspiration in my piano playing.  My dad encouraged me to learn to play by ear, this makes it easier when playing with a band...  In 2000, I moved to Alberta with my family and started playing in a band with my dad.  This was a bluegrass, country, gospel band.  I learned so much in those 2 years!  Plus, I met my husband, Craig, while playing in this band. 

After we got married, we mostly played in worship teams in the churches that we attended and I've accompanied soloists, played at funerals, weddings, etc...  After our girls were born in 2009, I wanted to be able to stay at home with them, so when they were about 3 we started playing for seniors' facilities full-time and the response has been amazing.  It's turned into a family thing, more than we ever guessed would happen. 

In 2015, Craig and I released our first CD together called, Hymns to the Glory of God.  We continue play full-time and have enjoyed the experiences and the people we've met along the way...

Angie West